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Resting Meditation

This course is free to all



What the course is about


This course is foundational wisdom teaching for Awakening to Soulful and Spiritual Living free from fear, anxiety, anger, grief and pretense. It offers you the opportunity to get to know your Self - beyond any limiting idea, feeling or sense of who you are. It is an invitation to awaken to your Soul and your Spirit, an inner adventure to explore what you are beyond the mind and the small sense of self we know of as the 'ego.’


Mani teaches in a way that offers you the opportunity to go beyond the known and the habitual by becoming present. Freeing yourself from the sense of lack and separation that characterizes the normal egoic stance. This course is not just informative but a transmission that can guide you towards ever greater freedom and the harmonization of your life, mind and body.


There are clear pointings on how to disengage from your limited surface personality and egoic conditioning so that you may be open to realize all that you are. The Truth of both your Being and Becoming


The Art of Resting Meditation offers you a clear foundation from which you can open to both Soul and Spirit by awakening to your Witnessing Presence. From this calm, centered presence, you are free to deepen into your full potential and to bring that potential to help transform your life.  


This course differs from other teachings that bring you to the Witnessing Presence because it teaches you to connect to your Will. This Will to be free, to know yourself is innate. When it is covered over by the surface personality, we lose touch with an important guiding force. 


When we are in contact with it however, it centralizes our focus and our aspiration around what is important and gives us the power to change, the power to investigate and to transform. This is not a passive resting but a Willed movement that has an evolutionary power behind it. 


Resting Meditation recognizes the part our Will plays in disengaging from our surface nature. Our Will is to disengage, to explore and to realize what we are beyond the confinements of mind, life energies and body.


If we do not recognize this Will within us, we may miss the opportunity to Wake In to our Soul. Your Soul is the aspect of your being that can bring harmony to your life.

How to Navigate this Course


  • Sequencing - To get the best result go through the 37 videos in the order they are presented when going through the course for the first time.


  • Review – Once you have gone through the course in sequence then allow yourself to return to any module that calls you. There is a wealth of treasure to be mined from each module.


  • Core Pointings - The PDF on 'core pointings' is a great way to get an overview of the course which you can download and read at your leisure.

  • Glossary of Terms -  you can download this to explore the meanings of some of the terminology used. 


  • Regular practice with 'Resting Meditation,' opens the way to Awakening. Set aside time every day to deepen your practice.


  • Audios - Use the audios links to the 'Guided Resting Meditations' so that you can listen to them whenever you like.

  • Resolution of Videos - To get the highest quality video resolution click the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the video and choose a higher resolution if required.​

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