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The Falsehood surrounding Covid

I recently watched a very moving and thought provoking film called 'A Hidden Life' by Terrence Malick. It really highlights the friction that can occur from non-compliance to what is expected/demanded and also the courage needed to live your truth. Although it is uncomfortable to watch at times, it also has a beauty and underlying sense of the Divine as nature, I highly recommend it.

So much new information is coming to light around Covid, Lock-downs and Vaccinations. It can be difficult at times to find one's way in all the noise of competing narratives. I have made an audio to offer my perspective for those who are interested.

It is not an audio to scaremonger or blame or convert. It is an offering to show that even now, in such challenging times, there is huge potential for transformation, for awakening.

Wishing you all the best of your Self.

In joy,


29th June 2021


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