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Integral Nonduality

Mani shares his perspective and understanding on Nonduality in the light of Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga.

Here is a link to the text by Sri Aurobindo called The Extreme Paths and here is the quote

"The Extreme Paths

The purpose of the Lord in the world cannot be fulfilled by following Vidya alone or Avidya alone.

Those who are devoted entirely to the principle of multiplicity and division and take their orientation away from oneness enter into a blind darkness of Ignorance. For this tendency is one of increasing contraction and limitation, disaggregation of the gains of knowledge and greater and greater subjection to the mechanical necessities of Prakriti and finally to her separative and self-destructive forces. To turn away from the progression towards Oneness is to turn away from existence and from light.

Those who are devoted entirely to the principle of indiscriminate Unity and seek to put away from them the integrality of the Brahman, also put away from them knowledge and completeness and enter as if into a greater darkness. They enter into some special state and accept it for the whole, mistaking exclusion in consciousness for transcendence in consciousness. They ignore by choice of knowledge, as the others are ignorant by compulsion of error. Knowing all to transcend all is the right path of Vidya.

Although a higher state than the other, this supreme Night is termed a greater darkness, because the lower is one of chaos from which reconstitution is always possible, the higher is a conception of Void or Asat, an attachment to non-existence of Self from which it is more difficult to return to fulfilment of Self."


Here is a link to the book Isha Upanishad with translation and commentary from Sri Aurobindo which Mani also quotes from

"9) Into a blind darkness they enter who follow after the Ignorance, they as if into a greater darkness who devote themselves to the Knowledge alone."

“Unity is the eternal truth of things, diversity a play of the unity. The sense of unity has therefore been termed Knowledge, Vidya, the sense of diversity Ignorance, Avidya. But diversity is not false except when it is divorced from the sense of its true and eternal unity.”


Here is the link to the quotes by Ramana Maharishi, it is Talk 20, 30th January, 1935 and here are the quotes.

Maharishi.: ............The realised being does not see the world as different from himself.


D.: What does Maharshi think of the theory of universal illusion (Maya)?

Maharishi.: What is Maya? It is only Reality.

D.: Is not Maya illusion?

Maharishi.: Maya is used to signify the manifestations of the Reality. Thus Maya is only Reality.



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