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Goodbye for now

Mani explains his withdrawal

Here is a 3 Part video series on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo & the Mother

(I find Part 2 beautifully illustrates the importance of finding one’s Soul/Psychic Being)

Part 1 - presents the evolutionary crisis, the two negations and the synthesis of Consciousness and Force.

Part 2 - gives a broad overview of psychology, cosmology and transformational practice of Integral Yoga leading towards psychic, spiritual and supramental transformation.

Part 3 - looks at the Psychological parts and planes of our being.

Here is a link to where you can download a remarkable book by Satprem on Sri Aurobindo:

Here are two links to the work of Matthijs Cornelissen, who wonderfully elucidates the terminology of Sri Aurobindo:

Here is a link to a book with a selection of conversations with Sweet Mother:

Here are links to three of Sri Aurobindo’s books:

The Gospel of Ramakrishna:

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