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The Full Embrace

Here I share some illuminating insights into the nature of Maya, Self Inquiry and The Divine Feminine. Can we undo the energetic identity rooted to the surface personality or do we attempt to hide out in the unborn? If the latter, we risk being left with a very delineated dualism - reality and illusion - a duality which rejects the world.

In this video I point out a potential pitfall of the path of self inquiry, a rejection or belittling of the world and her beautiful life - this universal impulse to know - to dance. The beauty of the Divine Feminine is that it has a transformational aspect - the transformation of ourselves and of the world. If there is One there is only One - do we have the love and compassion to bring everything on board our awakening? There is a deep significance to what we do and how we are in the world and how we treat each other. A living realization without the opposition of real and false, of Maya and Reality, an embodied realization allows for this deeply meaningful and beautiful living.


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