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One-to-One Work


An opportunity to receive mentoring and guidance just for you

My sessions are led by your aspiration, need or interest. We can explore any area you choose. For me all areas of life; spiritual, emotional, psychological and material are relevant and even necessary to explore, enlighten and transform.


My sessions are very spontaneous with room for presence, laughter, tears and joy.


Often people are drawn to connect with me and don't know why exactly. I understand it as a deeper aspect of their Being guiding them to connect.

Perhaps you need guidance accessing deeper states of peace and connection that I can assist you with. 

Some people just have one or two sessions to clarify a particular area. While others have regular sessions with me to support their practice and evolution. I have made some dear friends working with people in this way, in the beautiful process of their unfolding in joy, happiness, deep knowing and belonging.

Who these sessions are for:

You are experiencing awakening and seek guidance

You need direction with your spiritual practice

You feel intuitively drawn to connect 

You're stuck in a pattern and need help to break through

How it works

1. You purchase a session

When you click the 'book now' button you will have the opportunity to make payment and arrange a date and time that suits you.

2. Follow-up email

You will receive an email with confirmation of the time and date of your session along with mentoring details and instructions.

3. Your session

Your 1-hour session takes place - you just follow the link provided at the time arranged and allow the exchange to unfold.

4. Follow-up audio recording

After your session you will receive an audio file of the session This resource is yours to work with to deepen the impact of the session in your daily life.

"I believe in making these offerings and mentorship accessible. I understand how it is to live on a limited income and I keep the fee low for this reason."

Gift to make a difference


If you are someone who values Mani's sharing and would like to help others receive the same benefit, you are free to donate to ENO here. This supports the structures and work that make these teachings available, and allows Mani to offer complementary sessions.