Leaving BATGAP

Some years back I did an interview with Rick Archer founder of BATGAP( Buddha at the gas pump) & one of the founders of ASI(The Association for Spiritual Integrity). I enjoyed the interview and many of you may have seen it.

After many years not hearing from Rick he left an email on my website a few days ago which came as a surprise to me and which led to my leaving BATGAP.

I share with you here the details of this exchange so you know why I did so, not for any drama but to highlight how the control of the idea of 'integrity' can be weaponized/corrupted/misused.


July 12th - Message from Rick Archer to Mani

Hey Mani, since you're promoting this kind of "information" 'The falsehood surrounding Covid' - how would you like to debate someone who can rebut all those points?: Dr. Wilson (Scientist).

If you have the courage and integrity to do that, I'll arrange it. He'd put it on his YouTube channel and you could put it on yours.

July 13th - Message from Mani to Rick Archer

Hello Rick, I hope you and Irene are well.

I am a little surprised by your lack of warmth/courtesy in the message you sent. You never asked how I am or no well wishes.

You also seem to imply that if I don't accept your challenge that I have no courage or integrity.

I find your offer not to my taste.

Wishing you both all the best,


July 15th - Message from Mani to Rick Archer

Hello Rick, I hope you are well.

I would like to bring some clarity and understanding to the message you sent on 12 July.

As I already said, I was a little surprised by the tone of the email.

I would like to point out to you that your message had an element of bullying.

You were inferring that I was a coward and lacked integrity if I did not do what you wanted.

And more concerning, is that you can be considered to be in a position of power.

In that you can de-platform me from BATGAP, as you have said you have already done to teachers that do not meet your integrity standards.

To insult directly or through inference in order to bait someone into doing what you want is bullying in my opinion and especially so if that person has the power to punish/silence/penalize/sanction.

I am not sure why I would want to debate Dr. Wilson, since I am neither a debater nor a scientist. Also, Dr. Wilson does not seem to debate but instead talks about people.

My blog post 'The falsehood surrounding Covid' has some links to different doctors, analysts, organizations, teachers, thinkers, philosophers and engineers. I do not agree with everything that is said in any link and often some of the technical and scientific information is challenging for me. I offer the links to offer a broader perspective, so that people can consider alternate views and make their own mind up. I am sure the people in the links I provided can debate their own theories/findings if they want.

What is interesting about BATGAP is that it has different views from many types of people. I do not agree with them all, nor do I imagine you do. And I would not hold you accountable for what your guests say or what kind of characters they are. You are providing diversity, so as to educate and awaken.

In the interview we had together at 1:48:24 you said I was wise & magnanimous for not getting pulled into online debate, but now you are labeling me a coward and lacking in integrity for not engaging in online debate.

My wife informs me that you spend 2 minutes and 39 seconds on my website and some of that time was in writing your message. It is not a lot of time to come to your conclusion.

I am not so sure you listened/watched/read what I have been offering to people.

My last blog post 'Covid - The Mystery & the bird' specifically talks about how name calling and insults furthers the division and suffering around Covid.

I believe someone I know from Ireland may have made a complaint to you about my content and being empathetic you may have picked up on their energy.

I believe you are a man of integrity and I invite you to deeply contemplate your message and energy to me.

I have made 4 blog posts about Covid. Perhaps you would like to engage them.

1 - Fearless Living - Covid 19

2 - Spiritual Equality & Opposition

3 - The falsehood surrounding Covid

4 - Covid - The Mystery & the bird

I have also added some new and very interesting links.

I don't claim infallibility; I am a simple being who enjoys sharing. Not everyone will agree nor do they have too nor does it matter what I am called.

But I will not bow to bullying or be silenced. .

Best wishes,


July 15th - Message from Rick Archer to Mani

Hi Mani,

I’ve been feeling bad about the tone of my message, and I was planning to write a response this morning. Let me take the time to read your blog posts and if possible, listen to your 38-minute recording, although that may have to wait, and then I’ll get back to you. But for starters….

I’ve spent dozens of hours listening to and reading about Covid and vaccine issues, mostly point-by-point rebuttals from Dr. Wilson, who has become a friend, and whom I’ve copied in this email, and from other from sources.

Dr. Wilsons Links

Please take the time to listen to a few of these. If one lacks the relevant scientific and medical training, as you and I do, it can be very convincing to listen to apparently qualified doctors say these things. And the human mind is impressionable. The more one listens, the more one’s mentality is altered. But if you listen to someone like Dr. Wilson (and others do it also) pick apart these arguments point-by-point, you realize these people are not as qualified as they may have seemed, and that they’re spewing scientifically unverified misinformation and often outright lies, in order to enrich themselves. For instance, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (who recently announced that vaccines will magnetize your body so that spoons will stick to you) recently made a quarter of a million dollars on a $600 course teaching people how to convince others not to get vaccinated.

I presume you post this stuff on your website because you care about people. I do too, and I take my responsibility very seriously. A BatGap interview is a referral, and some very popular teachers, such as Matt Kahn, have said it launched their careers. I have to feel comfortable that people will not be harmed in any way. I’ve taken down about 30 interviews out of 600, mostly due to credible allegations of sexual and other forms of abuse. I recently took down four because the people seemed to have given up being spiritual teachers and were focusing almost exclusively on spreading Covid misinformation. One was also pushing QAnon. Of course, they accused me of censorship, etc. For you, this Covid stuff seems to be a sideline. But if you’re not an expert, why are you dwelling on it?

I freely express my personal opinions on my personal Facebook page, but I try to avoid doing that on BatGap or in the BatGap FB group.

Enough for now. Maybe you’ll have a response to this, and I’ll read your blog posts.



July 15th - Message from Mani to Rick Archer

Hi Rick, thank you for your response.

I don't want a big career or lots of followers.

I am in God's hands, and he/she can move me as needs be and bring me in contact with whoever needs.

From the very beginning my inner guidance has warned me of the energy around Covid, this I trust completely.

I do not only operate from the level of mind and scientific data, I offer it to others that may find it useful.

It has become clear to me now that BATGAP is not the place for me. Could you please take down my video interview with you at your earliest convenience.

Wishing you and Irene all the very best,


July 15th - Message from Rick Archer to Mani

Will do today.


No apology has been offered by Rick at any time.

So there you go, the end of my BATGAP career. Praise be, as I have never been much of a career focused man!

What is important to me is authenticity. I do not bow to bullying nor do I believe in towing the line to profit or get ahead or fit in. In my opinion, to attempt to digitally ‘tar and feather’ someone without having even listened to their message is not the most conscious behavior and a growing symptom of our times. I will not uphold any imagined power or control.

Following an outer imposed morality or integrity does not sit with my way, my own inner values is what I aspire to follow. I feel it is important to be able to freely express. At this time in human evolution I see symbolically and subtly that there are two value systems colliding.

Freedom and control are at odds. The old forces of control seek to dominate while there is a push back and opportunity for us to evolve into greater freedom.

This is much of the struggle we are currently facing and as a spiritual midwife I am giving myself to the birthing of the new.

I do not see science as our saving grace, I acknowledge a higher Power and to this I offer myself as best I can, day by day, so it can transform me into a clearer expression of the Divine. I still have a way to go but all in God’s time.

I watched an interesting documentary during the week, this is part 3, it is called 'Is a Mass Psychosis the Greatest Threat to Humanity?’

Let us pray that the unvaccinated do not become the new sacrificial lambs at the altar of unconsciousness. I would advise to be wary of the fact checkers, debunkers, censors, controllers, character assassinators and self appointed police. Not that they all are incorrect but some are unconscious or ruled by fear or drunk with power. Find in your own soul and spirit the guidance you need.

From my own love I understand that the Divine will always prevail as it is the source of all, and that truly there is nothing to fear. Even these new challenges we face are flushing up all that is festering in the human consciousness, so that we can be cleansed and stand anew.

Like a bird my nature is to sing, whether anyone listens or not is ok. I simply enjoy singing.

Much love,