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Embracing No Other

© 2013-2019

Mani is an Irish-born spiritual teacher who has been teaching for 5 years. His teachings include meetings, silent retreats, live internet sharings, and online offerings. He is the author of 'Embracing No Other.'

Mani's name has many meanings - It's aboriginal meaning is 'Equal.' In India it means 'Gem.' In the Hebrew tradition it means 'God is with us.' While in Islam it means 'Secure, Strong.' And in Sanskrit it signifies 'Jewel.'

Born Will Brennan in 1972 in Carlow, Ireland, Mani grew up in a challenging environment and struggled to make sense of the world and his place in it. For many years he embraced a life of counter-culture that was fueled by addiction to try cope with unresolved trauma. Yet even then he had a deep interest as to the nature of Reality.

At age 30, he began his spiritual pursuit in earnest. He initially started with Vipassanna meditation and yoga which brought about deep satori's. Then he moved into shamanism and plant medicine work which helped him start to heal old traumas. Yet the guiding light through it all for him was Mother Meera, who is his root teacher.

At the age of 36, while undergoing a long shamanic diet, he experienced a profound surrender and an awakening to Unity Consciousness that blew out much of his old conditioned identity.

Then at age 40 he came to another awakening to what he describes as 'no-self,' where he realized the illusory nature of the surface-personality/ego-structure. This heralded a very intense 2 year period of re-orchestration that led to the awakening of 'The Great Silence,' and the process of embodying this.

While at age 44 he started to consciously work with the descent of light/Shakti and shortly thereafter he started to receive guidance as to the importance of bringing the teachings of the Soul forward as a means to transform human consciousness and to facilitate Spiritual Awakening.

In 2018 he took on the name Mani to acknowledge this shift in consciousness and his commitment to the Divine.

Today, Mani offers teachings that are free of any religious affiliation yet are a profound invitation to Awaken and Transform.

Mani lives on the Silver Coast of Portugal with his wife, Niamh.