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Spiritual Teacher Mani sitting at Auroville

Now based in Portugal, Mani is a teacher and meditation instructor. Born William Brennan in Ireland in 1972, his longing for answers to his existential questions began at 14 with early indications that he would devote his life to the truth. Discovering spiritual literature he read J Krishnamurti and Anthony De Mello among others.


The years that followed brought addiction and a deep yearning to heal from the wounding of a traumatic childhood. Training in Fine Art, Mani obtained his honours degree in 2005. During a Vipassana Meditation retreat around this point, he had his initial experience of satori. 


Then, plant medicines as a healing path opened up, and Mani worked sacramentally with them over eight years. A great love for the Divine Mother flowered in his heart, and Mani is deeply devoted to her to this day.


In 2012 Mani had a profound awakening of such intensity that much of his former identity dropped away. Looking to the works of Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and Adyashanti helped him understand what he was going through.  A radical shift of his inner life and substantial changes in his outer circumstances took shape.


A chronic illness then began that was a symptom of the uprooting of ancestral and personal yogic samskaras by the higher spiritual energies flowing through him. Lasting several years, this was an intense and difficult time. He produced his first book, ‘Embracing No Other,’ and trained as a practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu, a harmonizing Japanese acupressure modality. Check out Mani’s BatGap interview from this period. In 2018, he and his wife made the move from Ireland.

Prior to relocating to Portugal, Mani received his sacred name: Will Brennan became Om Mani, meaning ‘precious jewel.’ Receiving an inner direction to delve into the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and Sweet Mother, Mirra Alfassa, his transformation progressed, and he experienced the deepening of awakening as an integral and evolutionary process in which the soul comes fully forward to influence and harmonize all aspects of life.


In the lived reality of this transformation to a soul-centered life, Mani’s spiritual offerings took shape - resting meditation, pointings on waking up and waking in and teachings on soul mastery.

Mani lives on Portugal’s Silver Coast with Niamh, a weaver and therapist. They enjoy hiking, yoga and cycling and sharing their love of soulful and spiritual living.

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